Tips from an Interior Designer: How to Curate a Personal Art Collection

Considering interior design is one of the key ways in which you can really personalise your house and make it your home, as the saying goes. One of the most effective ways to add personal touches to your home that resonate with your stylistic tastes is through the incorporation of art pieces.

Not only does curating your own art collection help you to elevate your home’s design, but it makes for a thoroughly rewarding experience that allows you to fully understand your artistic palate whilst honing your skills in identifying truly one of a kind pieces.

We’ve listed some of our top tips to help get you started on your journey as a budding curator.

Stick to a Theme

As tempting as it can be to curate a collection of artwork made up of individual items that speak to you in different ways, it’s important to remember that, whilst you may like each piece individually, they must somehow correlate with one another to work cohesively as a collection.

Identifying a theme that you’re happy to stick to is a great way to give you a sense of direction and ensure that you’re only investing in pieces that actively reinforce this perspective. For example, this could be based on a certain era and/or culture, or perhaps on certain societal topics such as feminism or ecology, which can be open to more interpretive perceptions.

Grow Your Collection with Thought and Patience

Personal art collections should always be carefully considered – without putting a lot of thought and care into the choices you make when choosing pieces, then you lose that personal touch that you’re going for in the first place.

As well as this, there is one key virtue that is essential to practise: patience. A collection isn’t curated in a day – at least it shouldn’t be. Allow yourself time to grow your collection organically; once you’ve already got a few different pieces, it will be easier to identify others that will compliment these and enhance your theme.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Canvases

Don’t think that your art collection has to be limited to canvases. Artwork comes in all forms, from painting and sketches to sculptures and even ornate furniture.

Experimenting with different sizes, shapes, textures and artforms allows you to create a unique, multidimensional space that reflects you both as a person and a collector. Not only that, but doing this may even help you to identify a specific art form that you like best.

For example, you may find that you have a particular penchant for plaster sculptures, or maybe you find yourself being drawn towards oil paintings. Regardless, navigating this journey is a process of discovering your likes and dislikes as well as what works and what doesn’t; you won’t always get everything right the first time, but the end result will come together before you know it.

Start Your Collection with James Perkins

Having been crafting since 2012, James has since fine tuned his skills in creating extraordinary works of art. Drawing on a finely tuned vernacular of classical references, cut through with a surreal sense of humour, his pieces would make for a staple feature in any personal collection.Shop the collection today or get in touch for more advice on curating your own from a collector’s perspective.

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