3 Beautifully Restored Historic Buildings in the UK

The UK is famous for its extensive list of stunning historic buildings. Drenched in history, there are castles, stately homes and churches to visit up and down the country. Whether you are in Aberdeenshire or Cornwall. If you’re looking for beautiful gardens to wander or haunting mansions to explore this year, here is our list of wonderfully restored buildings that are rich in history.

Aynhoe Park

Aynhoe Park, also known as Aynho Park, is a country estate built in the 17th century comprised of land and buildings that were rebuilt after the English Civil War. It sits on the southern edge of the stone-built village of Aynho in Northamptonshire. It displays four architectural periods: Jacobean, Carolean and both the early 18th and 19th centuries. The estate was acquired by James Perkins in 2006 and since then has been reimagined and remodelled and the venue is now a popular location for celebrity weddings and birthdays.

Howsham Hall

This Jacobean stately home is a wedding venue in York and was built in the 16th century. Several families lived in the stately home until the 1950s when it was bought and turned into a boy’s preparatory school. It has since been restored to provide a stunning events venue. The building is built of two storeys of limestone ashlar and it is set in 100 Acres of Private grounds bordering the River Derwent.

Knole House

Knole is a country house and former archbishop’s palace which is now owned by the National Trust. Situated in a 1,000-acre park in west Kent, it ranks in the top five of England’s largest houses. The surrounding deer park has survived for 400 years since 1600. The house dates back to the mid-15th century, with major additions in the 16th and early 17th centuries. It was restored in 2019 which helped to preserve its important collections. You can visit Knole to view fascinating portraits, textiles, furniture and objects including Stuart-era beds, chairs and tapestries.

James Perkins has a deep passion for the restoration of old buildings. Well-known as a home restoration specialist, James Perkins has award-winning projects including Aynhoe Park and The Round Tower. Get in touch to learn more about listed building renovation and property development.

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