Four Reasons Why Historic Building Restoration is So Important

We are so lucky in the UK to have so much rich heritage and history. From beautiful stately homes to churches and palaces. Many of these historic buildings have been restored so that we can continue to enjoy them. Some are open to the public and some you can even hire as your wedding venue. Many people are truly passionate about preserving history through our architecture and there are many reasons why historic building restoration and stately home development are so important,


By restoring buildings we are staying connected to our past. Our ancestors and long lineage can be seen in the walls and features of the buildings they came from. Historical buildings are a reminder of what came before us and link us to our culture. They enable us to study the past and understand the communities that lived before us. Understanding different design periods and structures that are no longer replicated in modern buildings. By restoring these structures we are able to keep learning and stay in touch with the generations before us.


Historic property development allows us to use historic buildings and homes as learning tools, not just for architects but for schools and universities too. It’s important that we have these spaces to bring our students to so that they can learn and understand the history of the place they live in. Furthermore, architects are able to learn about past techniques and design styles that may have fallen out of use over the years. It is imperative we restore historic structures and use them as educational tools.


Historical building restoration and property development help to boost the economy. It brings in tourists, not just from the UK, but also from abroad. So many tourists flock to the UK to visit Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Without these historical buildings being a cornerstone of our history, it’s likely the economy would struggle.


Rather than investing in brand-new property development, restoring old buildings is a way of being more environmentally friendly. Materials are not being wasted and existing structures can continue to be used for years to come. Efforts to restore historical buildings will also limit other environmental factors such as suburban sprawl, traffic and environmental degradation.

James Perkins works in real estate development to breathe life back into historical homes and buildings. To learn more about his home development accolades take a look at his portfolio.

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